The Modern Tower of Babel

     The Modern Tower of Babel is stripping us of our ability to communicate.  While the ramifications are myriad and mindbogglingly complex, the simple reality that is sending us spinning into oblivion is easily described.      While the Tower of Babel in the Bible is seen as God giving everyone a different language ie different words for the same ideas, the modern manifestation of this is to distort our language until we all have different ideas attached to the same words.      If we cannot agree on the meaning of our own language, we will collapse into chaos and ultimately - and very quickly - despotism.      This is in line with the motivations and pursuits of those who built the NDP in Ontario, whom I listened to throughout my childhood discuss their Fabian Communist convictions, how to conceal and rebrand them as 'Socialism', and their then developing approach of effecting the system they sought by building it WITHIN the current structures, which would remain

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