How To Get Your Message Out - Braden Morrison

     I wanted to follow up on the things that Braden Morrison was saying in his appearance with me on Alex Jones Wed. Feb 19.  We didn't speak beforehand, and for back-to-back callers, we represent the range of people tuning into the message of God and self-determination that has been so hatefully stamped out of our lives, and which to me is the true central message of Alex Jones and all patriots.

     Braden represents the future, I am only a warning from the past.

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     Two things that Braydon mentioned specifically as tools to circumvent the censorship we all face (but are branded as conspiracy theorists and de-platformed for pointing out), were:

     1) the use of character sets from other languages to spell words that are triggers for social network and other censors.

     2) using 'url shorteners' that first go to a generic digital way station to redirect the user to the suppressed information.

     I struggled to find a good site to display the first concept, but here are a few interesting resources to get started - the ASCII table is one of several variations, if anyone has more info or a site they know of, please send it and I will do another blog on this.

     For url shorteners, a simple search will show you the field, but here are Lifewire's "6 Best":

     Thanks to Alex and the crew (esp D!), and thanks again to Braden, best of luck in all your endeavours, I'll try to get in touch on Snapchat and Instagram, but so far my email seems to be prebanned, trying to sort that out, very bizarre because I've never been on either in my life !