The Ontario Health Services Appeal and Review Board - No Legal Legitimacy?

This is my letter today to the HSARB:

I am writing to determine the specific legal relevance of the HSARB.

As my complaint to the CPSO a few years back was dismissed without any investigation whatsoever, and the appeal your offices pursued me to follow through with was itself brutally dismissed with the shocking legal argument that there was and is no legal requirement for the CPSO to investigate any of the complaints that come its way, I would like an official statement for my blog, on what legal grounds there are for an appeal of a CPSO decision, if any.

As there are clearly none - unless my appeal was an extreme miscarriage of justice - then I also pose the question of what exactly your offices do, if there is no legal foundation to your alleged oversight of the CPSO and thus all medicine in the Province?

My brother Matthew Michael Cassidy literally blinded himself while you dismissed my concerns over his care, and your offices both knew this and concealed it from me during the course of my appeal's dismissal on these very illuminating legal grounds.  You concealed from me direct evidence that my concerns were not only valid, but had come to their horrific fruition.

If there was no actual requirement for the CPSO to respond to my concerns, then why conceal it from me and display such clearly apparent guilt?  Are there legal avenues available to me that I am unaware of?

My father, Michael Morris Cassidy, who led Ont's NDP, and fought for the very system you are part of, was recently fired by his Alzheimer's 'specialist' because he forgot to go to his appointment.  His pension does not cover his medical care, and he will have to go into a state facility to die in a room with strangers - a tragic victim of his own false 'socialist' fraud.

As your offices have no apparent legal standing in Ontario, I cannot help but question the legitimacy and wisdom of our entire system, and for whom and what purpose exactly it is designed to serve.

Please explain to the good people of Canada what it is that your offices do, in the face of these disturbing legal realities.

Thank you,

Adam Harry Cassidy