Is Joe Biden a Total Idiot ?!?!?

Do you think he is just accidentally hitting the stupid bullseye, or is this intentional ??!

If you get into the weeds of the music business, you find people talking about how the product has already been sold – that is, the idea that music is integral to one’s social identity. This is a key phenomenon on which the modern music industry is built. We now compete in a paradigm where the question is not whether you like a song or a band, but which songs or bands you like.

Similarly, we have as a culture already purchased the product of govt – the idea that expert strangers will run our lives.

So going into our ‘elections’, we’ve already determined that they are experts…we’ve already determined that they will be running our lives…

…we merely haven’t determined who they are yet.

I dare to say that ‘Democracy’ might be 33% of the people legitimizing our tyrants every few years, but I don’t think it qualifies as ‘Freedom’.