Toward A New Secular Vision of God

     "God is a concept by which we measure our pain"

     So said John Lennon on his first solo release (Plastic Ono Band Dec 1970)

     I would shorten this to simply state "God is a Concept".  Yet most of us personify God as a man on a throne in the sky who is supreme authority.  This is a twisted distortion of the ideas of our ancestors, and is expressly warned against in historical spiritual writings.

     I am not going to tell you who or what God is, only discuss the subject, for the discussion is, in truth, the spiritual destination we all seek.  We don't have to agree, only explore together the clearly apparent reality that there is a benevolent creative force in the universe, of which we are an aspect.

    In the Modern Tower Of Babel, which has been built around us our entire lives, God is presented as an absurdity, a man on a throne only the Pope has special access to - a perfect being that is somehow separate from His creations.

     Well, I don't really understand all that only begotten son stuff, but it seems strange to me to adopt one unquestionable idea over another, and between the pedophilia and the worship of the death of Christ, I have since childhood seen the Church as the Satanic child raping death cult it has been for centuries now.

     However, this rejection of the Church has been accompanied by an aggressive rejection of God being forcefully expressed in our common discourse.  I only know the roomful of mirrors of the left that peddles this poison, but in that room are millions of souls from all generations who angrily reject an idea they can't even articulate, and in fact will angrily refuse to even discuss or learn about whatsoever, so indoctrinated they are in their hatred of these historical behaviours.

    I came to God purely through science, in the end.  It was a long process that began with the simple desire to articulate and thus win the arguments of the leftist cult I was still firmly entranced with.  However, what I found was that I had no idea what it was that I defined myself in opposition to, whether political or spiritual.

    Past generations until mine defined themselves as spiritual beings, souls with an identity even before conception, who expressed that identity through their physical actions and behaviours.  They were souls who believed in God.

     The people I grew up around, and the ideas I have encountered from all levels of our culture since, are firmly anchored in their convictions that there is no medical evidence of the soul (check for a pulse maybe?), and that God expressly does NOT exist.

     Yet what is a 'soul'?  What is 'God'?  These questions are never answered in the Modern Tower Of Babel, only mocked with great glee.  Thus I crashed head on into the horrible truth that everyone I knew, including and especially myself, not only did not know what we WERE and DID believe, we couldn't even articulate what we WEREN'T and DID NOT believe.

    Instead, the left angrily and viciously and with great mockery and condescension rejects any grasp of the ideas they stake their entire identities in violent opposition to.

    Like the belief in chemical determinism that has destroyed millions who sought guidance from Psychiatry (Psycho The Rapist indeed), this foundational intellectual identity force fed through the public schools is not merely a baseless fraud without substance whatsoever, it in fact meets the clinical definition of psychosis - the belief that one's DNA determines one's life force, and not the other way around.

    Lost in this clinical psychosis, it's proponents declare undeniable demands of others, and this threatens us all.

    In the midst of the worst and most dangerous period of my life, I for two years thought deeply every waking hour, about why Christianity had spread so quickly throughout human history, everywhere the idea reached the 'average person' of the day?  What did others see, and who was Jesus to them?

    The answers came hard and fast once I opened my heart to God.  I realized one day that it was this ongoing search for understanding that had held me together through incredible immediate and ongoing hopelessness, degradation and physical danger.  Thus Jesus had saved me.  It was at once an ironic joke and a stunning truth.

    I then found myself considering the periodic table, and the differing atomic count of the elements - I had picked up these laminated science fact sheets years before, and kept them on a bookcase next to my desk.  Only then did I realize that if all physical matter was made from the same three 'particles', then the only difference between different particles was one of structure, not substance.

    I came across this video :

    Thus everything is made purely of ideas.  This IS the spirit world, or at least one of them.

    Looking into Einstein and quantum science, I found that these top disciplines viewed reality as a persistent illusion, only seeming solid as steam would seem to a cloud.  Reality is so flexible, what you believe it is CAN alter its structure and behaviour!  Science was not definite at all, only a system of thought used as a tool of understanding.

    It occurred to me that we mistakenly see phenomena like Silence, Cold, Darkness as forces unto themselves, when they are plainly only the LACK of Sound, Heat and Light.

    So also is Order a force, while Chaos the mere phenomenon of its absence.  From there it wasn't too much of a leap to consider that Evil was the absence of Good, Satan the absence of God.

     A story of Einstein actually saying this is dismissed as an urban legend by WikiPEDOia :

    This discussion over the existence of the foundational cultural concept of the self that has served us for millennia, is the key to the Fabian destruction of our culture and societies.  We might as well be debating the existence of numbers.

    Are we going to dispense with the concept of perspective while teaching painting?  Tell children it does not exist, but never let them learn anything but hatred of the idea, in a vacuum of information and reasonable consideration?  Tell them that their Genetic code will determine their ability to draw, and watch the resulting collapse into inaction while they wait for their physiology to tell them who they are?

     All around us we see the manifestations of this psychosis, as people believe their own beings are separate from the tiny pocket of consciousness into which they are abusively trained from birth to place their entire identity and understanding of the self - and in turn begin acting out the belief that there are invisible physiological processes controlling them in unknown ways.

     God is the software for the hardware of the vessel we arrive here inside.  We ourselves are the intelligent design, the sliver of our creator, at our own individual centres of an infinite universe of light.  Our bodies are our instruction manual, telling us clearly of our own freedoms and responsibilities to ourselves and most importantly, the idea that IS US.

     We have to start having this conversation again, because like the tree falling in the silent forest, God has always existed, and reminds us the crucial truth that the only real important question you need to ask to guide yourself through this life is WHY?

     How can the existence of our cultural foundations be up for debate?  By twisting ideas and philosophical equations into beings, we have been led for centuries to this place of chaos and evil.  We debate 'intelligent design', when it is the driving force of our own individual lives.  Darwin's 'random mutation' theory assumes an environment in which consistent action produces consistent result.  It makes no difference how the path to survival is stumbled upon, by a million monkeys typing out War and Peace by accident or through divine providence - the fact that existence is possible at all, that consistent behaviour of matter is met with consistent results, presumes an innate structure to the fabric of reality itself.

     If the universe truly were 'random', then even measured actions would produce random, inconsistent results, and evolution would thus be impossible.  Probably existence itself would not be attainable, in such an allegedly random medium.

     Even in a purely technical, 'secular' sense, 'God' is the foundational philosophical truth that will allow any conscious being to go forward from a coherent perspective, and deal with the divide-by-zero questions of life, consciousness and existence.

     By teaching multiple generations that their identities are constructed by external forces from the outside in, and the best we can hope for is to try  to direct these external forces, almost any identity can be installed into the individual via fiat currency and an appointed job title.

     Until you have those two key elements of their ancient spiritual fraud, you do not have any identity at all in our new Satanic Secularism, a cult of chemical determinism that meets its own clinical definitions of psychotic ideation.

     Worse, if you don't believe in God, you don't believe that you nor anyone else has any rights under any law, dating back to Magna Carta and beyond.

     Without God, there is NO valid written law anywhere in the world throughout human history.

     And that is the plan.