The Modern Tower of Babel

     The Modern Tower of Babel is stripping us of our ability to communicate.  While the ramifications are myriad and mindbogglingly complex, the simple reality that is sending us spinning into oblivion is easily described.

     While the Tower of Babel in the Bible is seen as God giving everyone a different language ie different words for the same ideas, the modern manifestation of this is to distort our language until we all have different ideas attached to the same words.

     If we cannot agree on the meaning of our own language, we will collapse into chaos and ultimately - and very quickly - despotism.

     This is in line with the motivations and pursuits of those who built the NDP in Ontario, whom I listened to throughout my childhood discuss their Fabian Communist convictions, how to conceal and rebrand them as 'Socialism', and their then developing approach of effecting the system they sought by building it WITHIN the current structures, which would remain unchanged yet a mere facade.

    While I was privy to the NDP alumni obsessed with this treason, I was aware that this idea had infested our political class at all levels.  It is hard to explain the level of duplicity - if not for the occasional but horrifyingly telling outbursts, my family kept their socialist script on point at almost all times.  When it cracked, however, I was terrorized with Stalinist slogans pounded into the dinner table.

    To a large extent I have watched this seditious political fraud being constructed my entire life, and it horrifies me.  My refusal to be a part of it saw me driven violently from my home age 15, narrowly avoiding the fate of my little brother, who was forcibly medicated to cover up the incredible psychological damage he had suffered his entire childhood.

    The phony socialism that my grandfather brought to Canada has destroyed our lives, my family has manipulated several of my partners over the years into getting abortions in the very facilities they legalized and fully funded - a psychotic nightmare I challenge anyone to survive emotionally and spiritually.

    This country needs to wake up to the Communism already in force, or we will all be destroyed.  The left I know openly talks of culling the population, re-education camps, and the clinical psychosis represented by the new secular religion of chemical determinism.

  My name is Adam Harry Cassidy, and I bear the name of the man who brought this cynical horror to our fair land.  Please help me restore my family name, and return this country to its rightful owners, by forming The New Canadian Republic, and forever binding our values, morals and very souls to the Magna Carta, The US Constitution, and the new founding document we will write that will cement these positive philosophical truths into our culture FOREVER.

    God Bless, and God Save Us All.


  1. Hey Adam,

    Just heard you talking to Alex Jones in the broadcast.
    I'm in Toronto - just subscribed.
    Would love to chat sometime, or if you're in Toronto, meet up.

    Take care bother

    1. Right on - I am elsewhere lol...get me on twitter @adamharrycassi1

      Can't see ur profile...

    2. Brian, I'm on Rumble now. Sry we never connected. Send me email

    3. I got booted of Twatter - try @phakegamer now - I'm really sorry we never hooked up bro, I need to check my comments - I find it hard to deal with this info, then I get obsessed with some sense of duty to get it out there, and basically 'spirit cook' myself with regurgitating it all the time.

      People talk about healing, but that is a return to proper form, if not previous form - I wouldn't have a clue necessarily what or where that would be. Spiritually, I started from scratch age 40, shocked at being denied such simple concepts since birth - in my opinion teaching a child there is no God is child abuse of the highest order - like teaching it there is no such thing as numbers, then declaring their inability to do math a 'chemical imbalance'.

      Satan rules the roost, folks. We need Jesus now more than ever.

      He's coming back in our hearts, everywhere. And that's all it takes.

    4. I'm on GETTR now as TShirtRadical - keep getting booted everywhere lol

    5. I am now branded everywhere as @TShirtRadical - no one gives a fuck about anything I have to say here, unfortunately. I am standing in a field of cows, lying to them about freedom without farmers. The mass cull starts in earnest very soon now. Good luck, everyone. I'll be eating the burgers when it's done, with the rest of the cockroaches who survived.

  2. Just seen ya on AJ & I’m in the land of the Cucks. Glad to find another likeminded Patriot!

  3. Just heard you on Alex Jones, live in Kingston and have been red pilling as many as will listen. I will subscribe now, Blessings

    1. Right on let's all network and keep getting ready but also KEEP PUSHING THE INFO OUT - we might still stop this thing yet !!

  4. Hey Brother, watching you on Alex Jones right now. I'm in Ottawa give me a shout at I'd love to talk to you.

  5. Cheers from Vancouver brother - also saw you on IW.

    1. Right on much love to the West Coast !!!

      Dying to move back, winters here are brutal - soon as you separate I'm, there lol

  6. Hi Adam, I saw you on Alex Jones. I am also a Canadian in Toronto, Ontario.

    Good to see you hard at work to establish liberty and freedom in Canada.
    I will keep an eye on your emails for any activism where I may be of assistance.
    Keep up the good work. I'll look forward to your next appearance on INFOWARS.

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    1. Sorry I failed to mention my name is Clay. :)

    2. Hey Clay, yes, I have the ProPur too I think - I bought it ten years ago, got new fluoride filters last spring - that and the iodine, amazing stuff. I'm so much more together and motivated - I completely quit drinking alcohol, get off the medaevil fluoride, I swear the alcohol molecule is not the food we think it is - take off the lead boots.

      Sometimes I forget how destroyed I used to feel all the time, it's not so much that I feel like Superman but that I don't feel like the toilet flushes directly into my bloodstream.

      I am 54 yrs old, and I'll never admit to alcoholism or addiction, just a 25 year bender, ok? Maybe a couple years as a junkie in there, to sort out some emotional stuff.

      Eventually you hit the wall - as Dylan says, you can always come back, but you can't come back all the way.

      One rule I stick by - courtesy of my old shiatsu therapist Betty Leister - is to only eat home cooked food made yourself or by someone who knows and cares about you. The energy isn't right otherwise.

      Probably just not eating McDonald's helps a lot - but I like the idea that it goes deeper than that, it feels right and I am never sick, never have indigestion or logjams haha seriously. I don't have weight or other issues, I feel good or even great all the time, I'm on top of my music again, doing crazy blog stuff, ending up on Alex, maybe finally crawling up out of this psychotic nightmare that my family plunged itself into somehow....yikes.

      I really need a fluoride filter next - but my kitty goes to the vet first!


    3. I could use some assistance starting a real political party up here, but that might be more hill than you were planning to assault lol - I have a bunch of ideas in the air, trying to bring over these HHO kits from India or source them elsewhere (not China sry but they need to get sorted first), got some property out of town, don't see why we can't build a Tesla convertor, if it works, we'll know soon enough. Also got a couple other weird inventions that can be easily tested with simple prototypes.

      The health supplements and incredible research of Infowars would be supercharged if combined with emerging independent technologies that we can force into the market by simply using ourselves.

      If you see this HHO tech, it will blow your mind. It is so simple, it creates a near complete burn in the combustion chamber, breaking down the entire hydrocarbon chain and reducing emission to the point no catalytic convertor is required.

      Every ATV and snowmobile and two stroke engine on the planet should have one of these on it right now, the reduction of emissions would get the inventor a Nobel Prize - well, maybe if he also bombed a defenseless country for no reason also, reducing the world's pollution by 70-90% probably wouldn't be news on its own...

      Sad jokes - the mad world we live in. I think most importantly we all need to get together, not in the echo chambers we are fleeing, but in truth and logic, reinforcing the validity of our impressions of the difficult realities we are attacked and even called insane for seeing.

      Imagine teaching a children's art class there was no such thing as Perspective anymore, that it was an oppressive concept distorting their true creativity and self expression. The idea is consistently ridiculed, but never explained. Why would anyone need knowledge of something so absurd, beyond that it's nature required aggressive rejection and repulsion.

      I want to re-draw that line, to teach the concept again, for we can not choose of something we demand ignorance of. I draw a line from the Creator, through the top of my head and flowing out my feet.

      If it's a delusion, it sure is a good one. Better than any dope I ever did - the natural state of the human body is perfect health, it has to be distorted to suppress this.

      These are all the philosophical truths that guide me now. It's not about any dogma, it is about the ideas behind the words, the universal language of thought we maybe sometimes lose sight of amongst the clouds of words that masquerade as the shapes and colours we exist within.

      Prayer is the reset - push all the tools we need to speak with each other away, and feel the pinpoint of your finite, focused existence, dwarfed in the vast mystery of our creator, and open yourself up to the positivity and order and logic that by definition must form the universe.

      I dunno if any of that is useful, but I know I lived in terror in the spiritual void for 40 years, and anything I can do to address and validate and try to alleviate the horrible spiritual suffering I experienced, would be a gift from God.

    4. Have you ever considered this political party here in Canada?
      It could be our best hope for a better Canada sooner than later. They are looking for candidates
      for before the next federal election. I am thinking about giving
      them a go. Maybe if you and others reading this did we could
      make it happen. We could win and be part of making history.

    5. I spoke with the Libertarians - they flipped me off pretty much. My reading was pretty niche elitist, maybe even sentry organizations like the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

      I was supposed to go to some meeting in early June, but I got called into work and missed it. I never heard back, and I wasn't made to feel welcome by the guy I spoke to. I have little patience for people who don't like me - say it to my face and you'll hear about it, too.

      But I dunno - beyond a few bucks I need for rent, this isn't supposed to be about me or anyone else, it is about EVERYONE. They won't be an environment to disagree in anymore soon - and we won't need one, because we will all hold official identities and opinions.

      The endgame of this is them not needing the 90% masses at all anymore - they can automate all production and simply remain the elite, atop urban islands amid cannibalistic landscapes of whomever is left.

      So I'll work with anyone who calls. I've contacted the PPC, CPC, Wildflower, random MPs and such - all kinds of reporters, who clearly are scriptwriters now, hardly journalists. I myself couldn't cope with the shame of who they are, it's pretty tragic.

      So if the NDP wanted to install me as leader to clean house, arrest those responsible, and dismantle and demolish their filthy treasonous fraud, that would be awesome, but I won't be cold calling their offices with the idea.

      I'm a pariah here in Canada, which is why I decided to see if I could at least shout out on Alex Jones and feel like I tried.

      We are so close to the end - whoever released it, they want the bio-weapon Corona genocide to come here, because it would open the doors of Hell to their perversions and Satanic hungers.

      Just keep praying, and do all you can to not only 'wake people up', but use the process of trying to tell others to find people nearby you can trust, build small individual personal communities around yourselves, and above all else jump clear of the blast, because for all you know the reason you see these truths is not because God wants you to stop it, but because He wants you to survive it.

      I'm staying at Ground Zero with the Jesuits until this is over.

      Thanks for writing, and don't hesitate to comment or email, you're keeping me from executing an epic Mafia 3 Walkthrough on my yt channel PHake GameR, but that's ok, I was just killing time for T-minus Zero Mission Launch and I'm staying heaviily engaged while this pipeline TREASON plays out.

      Short version: I will always write back lol Thanks again B-)

  7. "Ground Zero with the Jesuits" Where is this?

    1. Sorry..I'm Tania (Blossom555-utube)

    2. ...and subscribed.....

    3. Hi Tania - I couldn't find you on YouTube - is there a uTube, is that different? I couldn't find that url, it wouldn't load.

      Use my gmail if you like !!


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    1. Hi Laura, sorry I didn't see this, I am terrible - please feel free to use my gmail anytime, thank you for your comments and the article B)

  9. I have been awake for 25 years, since then I have lost every family member and friend trying to speak truth. I now find myself quite alone and spend many a night with beer and prayers. I have worked professionally for many a year and now find no option to work. I feel this is even worse than communism, I at least could gather with friends. I called the AA only to be told I cannot go without a vaccine pass. I am ready to sell everything I own and just head into the bush, although at my age that may not be that easy. Strange thing is my life was looking up as I was in liked in the film industry in which I worked in BC but when the Covid lie started I knew BC was a bad place to stay. I bought a small piece of land in NB although loneliness has taken the fight from me. I go out and buy food as the only human contact available and sit in front of my computer the rest of the day. My father was diagnosed with cancer and had chemo in which it was shrinking. Till the vaccine which it is now moving and growing. I am positive my story is not new these days and pray for ALL losing their loved ones. My father does speak with me but as with all I knew, it is placating as if I am the lost mind. How has so many good people become accepting of the separation of those they once loved, to now see a choice for freedom in health as a reason to forget that love. I miss human communication in a way beyond words. I thank God every day for his abiding love and patience with me. Canada is not a nation and really has never been one. The Charter of right's obviously means absolutely nothing as does any treaty signed such as the Nuremburg. It is time we realize it is a corporation that hates all who participate, it is time to take up a real Republic with real human right's based in natural law. I am fortunate my faith does not allow suicide and I will stand even if it's in a firing squad. I will never surrender to demon's that hate God and freedom. I have worked and lived in almost every province of this wide nation and love every soul that I had the fortune to meet. I know you are all suffering these day's and wish to convey my deep love and prayers for every one of you. I have studied much and think this will be a very difficult winter. Stay strong and please if you do have a loved one in your life, cherish them for you cannot imagine the pain of loneness these days for those who don't. God bless you all.

    1. Hi, thanks for writing - I am on GETTR now as TShirtRadical - my rumble links are on the main page of this blog.

      I am reading your comment live now !! B-)


    2. I just read your comment into my Radio Adam stream for today - Friday Dec 3, 2021 - it is about the 3:50:00 mark.

      I really want to talk with you further, maybe we can get something going on together?

      Please email me through this gmail, or - or find me on GETTR - I really want to talk to you on the phone about all of this !!!

      IS this the apocalypse ?!?! What is it supposed to look like ?!?

      TowerOfBabel.TSHirtRadical/PHakeGameR/The Beggarz

    3. I can't believe I'm posting w out my email... I don't even know why as I have already outed myself in every way that matters. Clearly this blog is ground zero for a few humans like myself who cannot abide the lies. It is also terrifying to see ones desire for truth coming to fruition in such an awful way. I see real men dare I say men of God here in this space...who understand causality, or is that prophecy...? Thank you for your voices which comfort me.
      One of my never vaccinated children, so much like myself in his heart, has now received his first shot and plans on a second, not wanting it, but doing it for love of a lady and family connection/inheritance/survival. His father is a Christian and supported this decision.
      Everything I have ever known is a lie but Christ. In the church, in the world. Many times my life has been shattered because I chose to tell my truth, or even to just admit it before God.
      Rachel is crying for her children and shall not be comforted.
      The towers man has built against God must fall, have fallen and will be destroyed for all eternity ��
      We are alone and heartsick but we are also One in Christ forever.

  10. He cannot take that second shot !!! There are ways to clean it out !!!

    Prayers !!!! Happy New Year !!!

  11. This is Adam btw - I use this gmail mostly cuz I'm trying to sell shirts lol

    Jesus is with us always, I see Him many places in people's eyes, I hope He will come back, He will if we all invite Him into our hearts !!

  12. Replies
    1. Right on !!! Something up with logging into comments here .... anyways thanks !! Check me out on Rumble PHake GameR

  13. Came here Via the Steve Kirsch Article Comment Section. I've read everything above and the comments. You now have a friend in Ann Arbor. I can be reached at:

  14. You mentioned your'e interested in trying to set up a new party here in canada...whats your take on Maxime Bernier and the PPC??

    1. I have called and emailed all of them - even the Libertarians and the None of the Above Party lol - no one cares what I have to say.

      I thought it would at least be click bait to have the son of a former NDP leader saying the NDP is a foreign intelligence operation, I was even ready to fall on my sword and be attacked as some kind of crank, just to try to get the story out there in any capacity. The PPC guy at head office, Sylvain, literally laughed in my face (on the phone lol).

      I would gladly help anyone interested in shredding the NDP and throwing them out of the country, if not in jail for sedition and treason - I am living witness to all of it !!




      WAKE. UP.

    2. lol, Im awake as they come brother! just asking a question? didn't say I did or didn't support them now did I?

    3. The Gov't and all parties are acting on behalf of a Service Corporation.. Corporation of Canada...all ministers, the PM, mp's, mpp's, etc are acting 'as' for said Corporation...its smoke and mirrors based on a fraudulent system...if the people understood this de-facto gov't lawfully does not have jurisdiction over the living men and women of this country we could take it back's too the masses believe themselves to be the 'person' or the individual' giving the gov't jurisdiction to rule over them, providing privileges, not rights...

  15. you might want to check out a book called the Phoenix Journals #2 - And They Called His Name Immanuel!

    1. What is the book and why should I read it ? Any who are you, why are you anonymous.

  16. ps..this is etidorhpa

  17. Few Americans have any understanding of what has taken place in Europe, Canada and the United States, beginning in 1966 and really changing societies by 1970. As a child living in Massachusetts, I remember public educators were already ridiculing America's John Birch Society and their attacks on the United Nations. It's not surprising that the corruption the group railed about has become an obvious, undeniable reality in the last ten years.

    Tragically, American's greatest talent may be ignoring facts staring them in the face.
    The mass invasion of Europe by those from entirely different social backgrounds and beliefs, has destroyed the fabric of most countries there. But the overlords in Brussels were allowed to march the lemmings to the sea with little challenge.

    Here in America, it's not just the Obama-Jarrett Administration, now fully supported by the bogus Biden Administration, that has duplicated the mess in Europe. Globalists have a lot of company with the insatiable, power-hungry Feminists, the LBGTQ exhibitionists, and the deranged Industrial-Corporates that send millions to anti-social causes. And last, but not least, is the "One Party" system as they take turns being "in charge". The GOP has not wanted that role for years, As long as the "spendaholics" are in office, the Old Guard always has someone to blame. But the 2020 Election exposed hundreds of GOP officials as being the arrogant, corrupt players they are. Just look at how many state legislatures that knew years ago that the voting machines were easily altered. Georgian GOP perhaps holds the "gold star" award for protecting "business as usual" when it totally ignored making ANY changes between the November 2020 election and the January 2021 election, thus intentionally losing the opportunity to control the U.S. Senate. That was so obvious, it created a much-needed wake-up call for millions of Americans.

    What can be done to retake the many societies that have been lost in the last 50 years? (1) Hold political "leadership" 100% accountable. RECALL everyone in office who isn't aggressively speaking up and making the changes to the "Status Quo" mess. (2) Keep speaking up in public and among any and all of your friends and associates. Get rid of liberals in corporate PR. "You Have The RIGHT Not To Be Silent!" Teach two others and encourage them to teach two people themselves. Geometric progression does work as long as you do.

    I've had the opportunity to drive from coast to coast in both the U.S. and Canada for many years. I remember seeing needles on the sidewalk and broken down RVs parked on the roads in California ten years (or more) ago. No wonder they call it "The Land of Fruits and Nuts". Newsom could actually become VP if Kamala suddenly "retired".

    Now that even Democrat mayors and governors in many states are crying in their beer about the invasion and every-increasing costs, there are opportunities. "Independents" and "Moderate Democrats" have begun to listen, but citizens are at war with elites at many levels. -- RJ at SatireWorks


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