Out Of Character? Not Anymore!!

     Is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a Child Rapist?

     We here in Canada desperately need answers to the report from the victim's father, that the student Justin Trudeau had an illicit affair with while teaching at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver was in fact not even of the legal age of 14 years old.

     This is not just an abuse of his position as a teacher, this is the statutory rape of a child.

     I have seen reports claiming this story originated with Frank Magazine, and is wholly false.  However, I await a proper rebuttal to the Buffalo Chronicle, who have been covering this story for awhile.

     Surely we are not going to allow this to be swept under the rug?  His friends have blathered on about him being depressed during that time, and that any impropriety should not reflect on his character, but then deny anything happened - so why make excuses?

    Well, I say this:  The problem with doing something out of character, is that it is no longer out of character.

    We need a proper discussion over these charges NOW.


  1. I've heard it was a boy.

    Also curious that when he left there, he moved to Port Coquitlam, near the Pickton Farm which was going full speed at that point.

    Even more curious is the fact that after Trudeau left Port Coquitlam, activities at Pickton Farm ceased.

    He also met with the CEO of Wayfair in May before the election.

    Wayfair is now being exposed for child and organ trafficking.

    Nothing to see here... all just coincidence eh?

    1. Man, I miss all my comments - I followed the rabbit hole to the Pickton Farm, just the fact that there is a direct connection between his sister and the Privy Council is outrageous and absurd - yet this has never been reported ?!?!?!

      I can tell you 100%, the word in the DTES in 2007 was that the farm was a killing ground for bikers and cops - this to me indicates cops and cops, if you get my meaning.

      Feel free to use my gmail. I am at a total loss now as to what to do with this information.


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