The Left Hand Path = 'Statanism'
Understanding the Left- and Right- Hand Paths

We need a spiritual revival.  Almost any spiritual system would be a vast Improvement from the current satanic culture of secular chemical determinism.

At the heart of the collapse of all of our world's cultures is the clinical psychosis that your mind and body constructs itself, in a series of genetically predetermined self-generating chemical reactions, as if your existence is happening to you irrelevant of your own participation in it.

This is a belief system that unknown invisible forces control you - Clinical Psychosis 101 being taught now to several generations of school children over the last 50 plus years.

Once you believe your identity determines itself by virtue of your genetic code, it is easy enough to use the counterfeit fiat fraud to apply any identity to the mass of lost human flesh they claim ownership over.

Our ancestors since the beginning of time saw themselves as Spiritual Beings who believed in God. This gave them an identity when they were still a glint in their parents' eyes.

Now the government through the satanic public school system preaches the satanic inversion that constructs its identity in opposition to ideas it demands ignorance of.

Thus entire generations now define themselves by what they don't believe and what they are not, despite the fact that they cannot articulate these things in any reasonable manner.

Our ancestors at least had some idea of who and what they were and what they believed in.

Nowadays people don't even know what they aren't, and can't articulate what they don't believe in, despite these two things being the foundation of their social identity.

In this satanic inversion of our culture, children have no identity at all until they have a specific role in the arbitrary human construct that is our economic lives.

With no identity within the culture until they adopt a government-approved social role, they have no sense of inherent value, and their tortured psyches eagerly attach themselves to whatever identity they are force-fed by the mass propaganda grid powered up globally in direct opposition to humanity.