Answering The Unknown: Inside The Tower Of Babel Lies The Truth

     I'm trying to read between the lines of the tattered remnants of our former culture, and despite all criticisms of our past, it is crucial to realize how the distortions of our ancient spirituality have been used to reject it altogether.

     I think the most important place to start this discussion, is to simply ask people what it is that they don't believe in. They don't want to know, and will defend their ignorance violently, without much prompting.

     This is a cultural psychosis intentionally seeded into our cultures worldwide. The impression that one's physiology and chemical processes determine one's state of mind and even personality, allows for people to be told by external authorities not only what to be, but in fact what they ARE.

     Thus, fiat currency is used to dispense identities, as Bloomberg has been doing with prosecutors across the USA.  In pursuit of social relevance, people install themselves inside these identities, and the identities inside themselves.  With no self outside this identity, it becomes religion.  Some might say displaces, but regardless, to lose this identity is to be cast back to the spiritual void of childhood.

     Alex Jones really hit the mark when he said that those left to rule are those with the Knowledge of Evil - I pointed to Ponerology com as an example, but I think what he is saying is more true. It's not 6% of the population being psychotic, it's 6% of them having the knowledge of how they can manipulate the madness around them, even while they exemplify it.

     I know when you get next to criminality there is like a fire people are compelled to jump into, where they start breaking laws like a child stomping through a puddle.

     To say that child cannot help itself is an aspect of this thought virus seeded into the very languages we speak - which some suggest are built upon neuro-linguistic principles, in order to set boundaries on the nature and complexity of the ideas one is able to exchange with them.

     This is another aspect of the Tower Of Babel, the limiting of our language, so as we considerately self-edit, we are denying ourselves the very words we need to speak in truth.

     Total control is inherent in the being that you are, that is my express experience of life. Every process is something I am doing, or it would not be happening. There are no hidden thoughts in my head, but for the ones I was taught to manifest and perceive as such - and they are far from hidden from myself, I mean, is this a real conversation they are teaching us to have internally ?

     Freud was an intravenous cocaine addict, whose depraved habits form the basis of an industry and profession that now has the power to separate your legal identity from your physical body (as they have done to my brother Matthew) and then decide FOR you to impose their 'treatments' upon you by force - so that you are legally demanding they force chemicals into you, that they themselves state on the label act in an unknown fashion in the brain they target.

     How does this madness take hold of people's minds? Where does this blatant sickness originate, and why is it being forced into our culture?!?

     And by whom ?

     I don't have all the answers - but rather than argue about what or where or even who 'God' is, I choose a philosophical truth of inherent self-autonomy, informed by a direct personal connection to my Creator that is mine alone, as a spiritual approach to existence that will allow me to move forward in a meaningful manner.

     Suicide training cannot penetrate a perspective that sees existence as a choice being made every instant, rather the concept is an absurdity.  You are the force determining your own existence, if you did not wish to be here, you would not be here.  To push those experiencing legitimate suffering at the defilement of God's creation down that road is a professional level of evil that we need to once again begin to challenge openly wherever and whenever we see it.

     "There are no causes for human behavour, only reasons" - Dr. Thomas Szasz

     All action and thought is behaviour you initiate. When you try to make your own behaviour stop, you go into a feedback loop in your own mind that Michael Crichton referred to in his book 'Prey' as a 'room full of mirrors'.

     You don't make your own behaviour stop, you simply stop making it - this basic truth applied internally to both physiological and psychological processes should be explored by everyone.

     Some may experience a reversal of spiritual polarity, as I did - others may simply blink nonplussed at my Capt Obvious act, and get nothing from it. I'm not selling anything here but my music and some t-shirts - I don't have a belief system to sell you, I'm saying instead that knowledge and self-control are inherent, and looking for them outside the self guarantees this truth will never be permitted to consciously connect you directly to your creator.

     The left see themselves purely from a sterile, one dimensional perspective of chemical determinism, as if they are passive observers of their own existence, occurring irrelevant of their own participation.

     This is going to a MASSIVE collapse of the fortunes of this demographic, as their ideas fail them utterly in life and a significant percentage, if not a majority of them, succumb to mental illness - or perhaps more accurately, a legitimate mental anguish over the tragedy and horror of the fruits of their dark master, The Father Of Lies.