Adam Harry Cassidy and Braden Morrison @IεX ⌡0πΣ5 5h0w Wed Feb 19 2020

     Socialist poster boy Adam Harry Cassidy and responsible productive member of society Braden Morrison share their concerns at the state of the world, in a special, first of its kind listener appearance on The Forbidden Show, hosted by legendary media revolutionary Alex Jones, Pirate of the High Speeds and Audio Only Dial Up Connections alike!!

     Seriously folks - this was an incredible opportunity, thank you to D and the crew, to Mr. Emerick Jones, and thank you very much to Braden Morrison, we all hope to hear more about his impressions and insights going forward !!

**Ed Note: The Ottawa Slumlord mentioned was Marcel Tremblay not Trudeau yikes


  1. Monsieur Tremblay caught a break there. Slum Lord Bastard.

    1. Those were the days. If everyone is a scumbag, how can we expect the govt to be any different ?!?!

      Criminals are the ultimate optimists - they never doubt there will be good, productive people to feed off.

  2. Alex Jones Show sent me here ! :~D

  3. Are you still looking for ways to retrieve your younger brother?

  4. Or something. It's a little late, since he poked out his own eyes - this occurred literally during the two years they dragged my complaint through their phony process. They dismissed on appeal my concerns he was being dangerous overmedicated and left unattended, changing his medication for no good reason but to experiment or promote new drugs, in the full knowledge that he had poked out his own eyes, in several incidents of self-harm over several months, each doing increasing more damage, and each time they upped his dose and dumped him back in his apt alone, his teeth rotting out of his mouth from the medications he is forcibly injected with, while they humiliate him with scoldings over his oral hygiene.

    I am pretty beat up at this point. But I am the 57 year old son of the man who brought this fraud to Canada in the 30's, my criminal terrorist Fabian Communist grandfather Harry Cassidy, whose name I carry. I want to put together a coalition of patriots and restore our freedoms, and believe me, these commies have NOTHING on me. I know it ALL.

    Send me an email, tell me ur real.


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